Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Fashion Blogger talk

Walang pinapalagpas when it comes to passion. (Naks!) Kaya naman the first time I heard about BU having their first ever workshop for fashion, blogging and photography, bumili na agad ako ng ticket! I didn't mind spending 400 php for I know this workshop can help me a lot! I can't be more excited about the Fashion Blogger Talk as if the BU Bazaar the day before was not enough. lol


First up, Lissa and David. Lissa talking about how Hashtags/Labels can be very useful as a blogging tool. Useful in a sense that it can help your blog or your blog posts to go viral and being able to share things with more people.

I totally agree!!! Especially if the clothes are nice why not wear them more than once? It all comes down to mixing and matching clothes to come up with a new and fresh look!

What stick to me the most is how they showed us the right way of taking outfit shots. See in the picture above how high angle differs from low angle. Low angle shots can slim down a person's body and make us look more taller.

Yes! The simpsons on the next slide. David Guison teaching us about finding an outfit inspiration. How? Sabi ni David he was just watching The Simpsons daw and thought to do an outfit about it. The bottom line is that we can get outfit inspirations from almost everything like the one he did right here! Sometimes looking around, it can spark a thought that can lead to a posts! :)

Its the trio's turn! Kryz, Laureen and Camille started off the talk by telling us how they became friends with each other. I love how the workshop is so balance, from DG and lissa na very straight-forward and informative to this trio with their slightly casual approach.

What Kryz and Laureen was busy about when Camille is doing all the talking. O diba ang kulit lang! Hehe

We are on a prints on prints phase today and pulling that kind of look can be a little challenging. Good thing Camille Co gave us some tips on how to wear such look. The key is to look for the dominant color whether from top or bottom, then find a pair that has a touch of the dominant one.

One of the highlights of the talk is when Laureen showed us how to do the 2-3 in 1 necklaces where she is known to be good at. Challenging kasi ang hirap ibagay ng one necklace to another but if done well maganda ang result!

Kryz giving points about how important make up in completing the entire look. 

I learned so much from the talk! Went home feeling na sobrang maalam haha and not only that, we were even spoiled with so much freebies so no one went home empty handed! Bongga!

Thanks for reading! Till my next post!

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