Friday, June 28, 2013

Plains on prints

 If you are following me on IG this look might seem familiar to you. Yes! This is what I wore on The Fashion Blogger Talk last June 2, 2013. Going outdoor in a hot hot very hot weather (Yes! I had to say hot and the one with very in it 3 times) isn't the smartest idea but we can't always avoid it. That's why in this look I opted to be on my comfiest, casual yet still classy me. (arte lang! haha)

Since I already gave stress on how hot the weather is, I am so glad that I chose to be on my shorts again. Just the thought of wearing pants is already making me sweat! Plus notice the choice of colors in this look, sky blue, white and other light hues combined together. Dark clothing, for me absorbs heat so it is wise to wear light colors to prevent you from feeling hot. 

It is too sunny! See how I barely keep my eyes open! Hehehe Ok enough with all the weather rants.

I love how the denim long sleeves gave balance on my look. I mean, imagine my entire outfit without it. It can look a little plain and simple.

Forever 21 denim long sleeves

This shorts, which I may say the key piece in the whole outfit can clearly speak for itself. The prints and colors gave life to the look and I love its slightly grainy texture in it.

JCAT shorts

Just a few accessories to keep my wrist far from being boring! Watch from Ana Gonzales' booth and my bracelet from Tracy Ayson's.

JellyBean wedge

(c) Nico Bombita

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  1. Always better than before :) Credits ko wala pa! Deal yon! haha. TC!

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  3. I like your outfit! The colors go so well together :)

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  5. Love the outfit. So chic! :)
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